What ?

aws-the-quest-textis a pioneering UK wide initiative that has been developed with a goal to create more millionaires through business activities than have been created by the National Lottery, approximately 3700 in the past 20 years.

Why ?

To prove that dedication, determination, risk and perseverance in business will give an individual a greater chance to create wealth than relying on luck alone.

Who ?

AWS will accept Growth and Growth Potential businesses onto ‘The Quest’ that are committed to increasing the valuation of their enterprises by in excess of £1Million over a 1-3 year duration.

Our ‘Quest’ Growth clients would typically be £1M – £100M t/o businesses who are committed to increasing turnover and profitability by at least 10-15% per annum, while our Growth Potential clients are typically young businesses, with sub £1M t/o, but who are growing very rapidly.

Entry is by invitation only following a rigorous assessment process by the AWS selection panel. Successful applicants will be selected, where the owners / directors have committed to achieving a pre determined increase in the valuation of their business (using agreed EBITDA multiple).

How ?

AWS ‘Business Solutioneers’ will work closely with clients engaged in ‘The Quest’ using the AWS unique 3 x 1 approach.

What are the costs?

‘The Quest’ programme is designed to self finance rather than become an additional cost burden to the business due to the unique activities incorporated in the pioneering AWS 3×1 approach.


Contact us by emailing info@assistwithsolutions.co.uk