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As a charity and visitor attraction, our impact is felt by our service users, visitors, and volunteers.

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Education Programmes

At Amelia Trust Farm, we understand that the traditional classroom setting doesn’t suit everyone.

We provide a personalised approach to learning that prioritises building confidence, improving communication, and learning new skills. With high levels of pastoral care from professional staff, and small group sessions in our unique environment, everyone is given the space they need to grow.

Who do we help?

Our GROW programme is for young people aged between 11 and 16 who have been referred to us by their school or local authority. The Transition Project is for teenagers who are ready to leave the Farm and move on to higher education or their first job.

At Amelia Trust Farm, young people will:

  • Learn how to take care of the animals
  • Budget and cook healthy meals
  • Work outside in the woodland
  • Engage in sports and exercise
  • Complete projects in the craft workshop
  • Spend therapeutic time in our music studio
  • Work towards Agored accredited qualifications

When a child struggles, their family struggles too.

After years of battling with systems in which our son just did not fit, he found his place to thrive.

Month by month, year by year, the staff at GROW never gave up, encouraged, inspired, challenged, corrected and cheered our boy on until finally he started to achieve, needing less cajoling and independently started to show his true colours….

…The difference this team has made to not only our son, but us as a family is undeniably one of the most positive things that’s happened over the last five years.

Parent, GROW young person

The Amelia Trust has extracted my son who has additional needs, from a paralysis he had in mainstream schools. It’s still a journey but, the difference in less than a year is incredible…

Felix comes home with positivity and is beaming…. such a different young man…  

It shows that a special, therapeutic, and inclusive environment is simply what he needs. A model others could learn from. 

As Felix’s parent, I can honestly say this is the first time I have truly felt we have support and empathy as a family. 

Parent, GROW young person

Volunteers and Visitors


Young people supported through education related programme


Volunteer hours per week


Volunteers supported

20,000 *

Visitors per year

24 *

Corporate team members benefit from the Farm’s unique countryside environment every month

750 *

Species of wildlife protected in our woodland, fields, and Farm land.


Acres of safe countryside space protected for the community


Acres of woodland protected for the next generation

Some figures are approximated where it is difficult to get precise information

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