Equal Opportunities & Welsh Language

Amelia Trust Farm is committed to its Equal Opportunities Policy.

Welsh Language

The Amelia Trust Farm has adopted the principle that in the conduct of its business it will treat the English and Welsh languages on the basis of equality. We believe that offering services which respect an individual’s choice of language can make a significant difference to the experience of the individual. We wish to encourage people who have dealings with Amelia Trust Farm to feel comfortable using their preferred language. We will provide our services bilingually wherever it is practical and appropriate.

Written communication

Amelia Trust Farm welcomes written correspondence in English and Welsh.

All letters received in Welsh will be answered in Welsh wherever reasonable and practical.

We will endeavour to ensure that all correspondence in Welsh receives attention within the same timescale as correspondence in English.

Standard letters will be bilingual wherever it is suitable, reasonable and practical.

Telephone communications

People are welcome to speak English or Welsh in dealing with Amelia Trust Farm over the phone. If a member of staff is unable to provide a bilingual service, they will explain the situation to the individual and offer a Welsh language service from another volunteer/member of staff. If no Welsh speakers are available the caller may choose to have a Welsh speaker phone them back; submit the request in writing (hard copy/e-mail); or continue the conversation in English.

Amelia Trust Farm will provide an internal directory of Welsh speakers in the organisation to whom calls may be transferred. Following a telephone conversation in Welsh, all subsequent communications, whether written or verbal, will be in Welsh or bilingually at the request of the caller wherever suitable, reasonable and practical.

Face-to face communications

Amelia Trust Farm has undertaken to ensure that those who wish to have face-to-face contact with a Welsh-speaking member of staff/volunteer will be able to do so. This may not be possible at all times, but we will encourage and train Welsh-speaking staff/volunteers to make the most of their skills in order to offer as full a service as possible.

Public meetings and events

We will measure the need for simultaneous translation facilities by requesting delegates to indicate if they wish to communicate in Welsh then we will arrange simultaneous translation. If there are no available resources to arrange a translator, Welsh-speaking staff members/volunteers will translate questions. Badges denoting Welsh speakers will be worn to show which members of staff or volunteers speak Welsh.

Corporate identity

The corporate identity of Amelia Trust Farm will be completely bilingual including the name of the organisation, its address and logo and it will be visible on all headed paper, publications, premises etc. Both languages will be equal in terms of size, format, quality, clarity and prominence.

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