Matthew Lory

Hi my names Matt I’m the Woodland Ranger at Amelia Trust. I take care of our 12 hectare Semi Ancient Woodland and anything to do with the farm wildlife.

After achieving a BSc in Zoology and a MSc in Wildlife and Conservation Management I began my career in Wildlife conservation.

I have always loved the practical hands on side of wildlife conservation and have volunteered with the wildlife trust and Aberystwyth Conservation Volunteers.

I started my roll here in September 2023. At the farm I carry out the management of our woodland and implement our woodland management plan.

I run a volunteer day every Monday with a small group of volunteers. We carry out the maintenance of paths, health and safety checks, tree management and much more.

I also run a volunteer day every third Saturday of the month. This could involve making bug houses, planting wildflowers or maintaining our boardwalk. We also carry out a quarterly bio blitz where we take a walk through the woodland and mark up any notable species we find.

Fun Fact – After surviving a Cardiac arrest in 2021 I have an Implanted Cardiac Defibrillator. I’m also a barista and market researcher.

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