20 different species of animals call the Farm home, from our fluffy rabbits to braying donkeys. Our animals play a key role in our charitable work with young people. They’re also very popular with our visitors!

Animal Welfare

Amelia Trust Farm is a registered charity care farm and a donkey sanctuary. Our animals receive the highest quality of care from our brilliant team. We pride ourselves on educating our service users and visitors about the importance or animal welfare and wellbeing.

We’re very different to commercial petting farms, and during your visit we ask you not to feed or touch the animals. Your safety, and the safety of our animals, is really important to us.

What animals can you expect to see at the Farm?

In our Animal Centre you’ll find our small furry friends, including rabbits, giant rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, and degus.

Our Reptile Room (inside the Animal Centre) is home to our royal python, bearded dragon, leopard gecko, crested gecko, and giant African land snails.

Outside in our larger paddocks, you’ll find our 3 donkeys, Shetland pony, goats, pigs, tortoise, alpacas, chickens, ducks and geese.

Silver, our Farm cat, could be found wandering any part of the Farm. He has total freedom over his kingdom! Silver is the one animal that does love attention, so if you see him, please feel free to give him a cwtch.

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