School or Group Visits

Come and explore the Farm and woodlands on a trip to Amelia Trust Farm.

Self-guided tour

Our self-guided tour will lead you around the Farm to meet all our animals and discover the wonders of the woodland. Each child will receive an activity pack and pencil. You’ll learn about our fluffy rabbits, cheeky donkeys, and every animal in-between! 

Make the visit relevant for your group by tailoring your visit to the areas that are of most interest.  If you’d like to cover a particular topic, please chat to us to see if we can help.

Our group visits are popular for nursery, school, or college groups. We can also arrange group visits for organisations like Guides and Scouts, just get in touch for more information.

How much will a school or group visit cost?

£60 for exclusive use of the picnic shelter, safe storage space, parking and leader’s pack with children’s activity sheets and use of pencils; plus £3 per child – staff and parents/guardians free. 

Booking in advance is essential for health and safety reasons.

Awesome Animal Experience

If you’re looking for a more hands-on learning experience, we can offer an Awesome Animal Experience on top of our standard school or group visit.

During an Awesome Animal Experience, your group will spend half an hour with a member of our fabulous animal care team getting to know some of the animals. The group will have a private space to meet, greet, and stroke the animals – and it’s a great opportunity to take some lovely photos. During the experience, your group can ask as many questions as they like, and our knowledgeable Animal Care team member will tell you all about the animals you meet.

For the safety of everyone and to ensure our high animal welfare standards are maintained, the Awesome Animal Experience is suitable for a maximum of 15 children at any one time. 

For larger groups, we can offer back-to-back Animal Experiences to accommodate up to 60 children in total. Time slots for larger groups will be: 11am, 11:30am, 12 midday, and 12:30pm.

Awesome Animal Experience Costs

The Awesome Animal Experience is suitable for up to 15 children at any one time. If you are a group larger than 15, we can increase the number of Awesome Animal Experiences during your visit. For example, for a group of 60 children, you would be able to have 4 Awesome Animal Experiences, each lasting for half an hour, during your visit to the Farm.

£45 for a group up to 15 children.

£60 for a group of 30 children.

£120 for a group of 60 children.

Adult Groups

For Adult Groups visiting with no activity or added facilities, please contact the Farm. Booking in advance is essential for health and safety reasons.


For more information or to book please download a booking form or email

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