Volunteers add to the Farm Playground

Earlier this week we were thrilled to ‘officially’ open the newest addition to our outdoor playground – a lovely tepee!

The tepee has been handmade by a group of our volunteers, and we hope it’ll give children the chance to use their imagination as they play. We want to encourage all of our visitors to get active outdoors, and we hope our wooden tepee will encourage children to do just that.

The Farm team with Tony (a Farm volunteer and Cardiff & District Woodcraft Club member) and two visitors

The project was led by Tony from the Cardiff & District Woodcraft Club. The team involved in the project were the group from the Woodcraft Club who come to Amelia Trust Farm every Monday: Tony, Graham, John, Dave, and Andy.

The team have been working hard for the last few months getting the materials and frame prepared. Sadly, the Welsh weather wasn’t on our side, and the rain didn’t help!

But we’re very pleased that the tepee is now in place for all to enjoy, and when we held the ‘official opening’ we even had a little visitor who was the perfect size to test it out! We can confirm it was the source of a lot of fun and we can’t wait to see more children enjoying it this spring and summer.

We caught up with Tony to find out why he enjoys volunteering at Amelia Trust Farm:

Why do I enjoy volunteering at Amelia Trust Farm? That’s easy. I spend my time with likeminded people. The Woodcraft Club has always had an ethos of helping out with community projects where possible. What we do helps those who haven’t possibly had as good a start in life as we had. It also keeps me socially active, keeps my brain working, and being in the location that the Farm is, is good for one’s mental health and well-being, something some of us were lucky enough to learn from an early age .

Tony, Cardiff & District Woodcraft Club & Amelia Trust Farm volunteer.

From everyone at Amelia Trust, we’d like to say a huge thank you to our fabulous volunteers for their hard work!

We’re really grateful to Tony, Graham, John, Dave, and Andy, for their hard work on this latest project. Our volunteers are a hugely valued member of the Amelia Trust Farm community, and the Farm wouldn’t be so special without them. Thank you very much for our new addition to the playground!

Karen Turnbull, Director, Amelia Trust Farm
Tony, Cardiff & District Woodcraft Club & Amelia Trust Farm Volunteer