Coco is one of the beautiful donkeys that live at our lovely Care Farm. For our volunteers and visitors, Coco’s familiar face is a welcome sight as they visit the animals!

Thursday 12th January is Coco’s birthday and this year, he’s celebrated turning 22! As well as celebrating with lots of treats and attention (of course!) we wanted to tell you a bit more about Coco and why he’s such a special donkey.

Coco in the sunshine

Coco’s Life before Amelia Trust

Sadly, Coco was found in an abused home, but thankfully the Donkey Sanctuary found him a home at Amelia Trust Farm. Coco came to the Farm at the same time as Madoc, but there’s a 16 year age gap between them.

Interestingly, in his past life (before the Farm), Coco was called Clive!

Madoc and Coco

Coco’s Personality

Coco is the oldest of our three donkeys, and like a fine wine, he’s aged incredibly well. He’s the most mellow and placid of our donkeys. He’s a sensitive soul, and when our very regular donkey volunteer Mike wasn’t able to come to the Farm, Coco pined for him.

Despite his chilled out nature, Coco can have bursts of energy where he’ll revert back to a foal and will run around trying to play with Madoc and Arthur.

Coco scratching on the floor

What does Coco love?

Oranges! If staff have eaten oranges for lunch, Coco will know. He won’t leave you alone and will insist on licking your hands.

If you leave a wheelbarrow lying around, Coco will assume it’s there for his own pleasure and is guaranteed to use the wheelbarrow to scratch his chest – whatever works!

Coco sticking his tongue out!

How do visitors and staff react to Coco?

Coco is a firm favourite at Amelia Trust, and it’s easy to see why. His lovable nature makes him a wonderful companion to donkeys and humans alike.

I have got to know Coco only recently over the last few months. He is such a beautiful and gentle donkey. He really makes my week and is an absolute pleasure to see and get to work so closely with him.

Carlin, an Animal Care Supervisor at Amelia Trust Farm
Coco with Hannah, Madoc, Elin, Arthur and Mike

What’s Coco like with the young people?

Coco is a wonderful donkey for our young people to be around. His chilled nature makes him ideal for our young people to take on walks around the Farm.

It’s no surprise that Coco is such a hit on the GROW programme.

Donkeys have been associated with humans for years because they are highly intelligent, able to make their own decisions, and strong. Donkeys will never do something they don’t want to do – which is why we think of them as stubborn, but actually, they just won’t do anything that makes them feel unsafe or threatened.

Coco with a young person from the GROW programme
Madoc taking Coco for a walk!

How did Coco celebrate his birthday?

The awful weather wasn’t ideal for Coco’s big day, but nonetheless we made the most of it!

Coco had a special birthday breakfast, lots of cuddles, and listened to some soul music (any Bill Withers fans?) – Coco loved every second!

Coco’s birthday breakfast
Coco’s birthday photo shoot

Fallen in love with Coco? We know – it’s impossible not to!

Not many people can resist his gorgeous fluffy face, wise eyes, and gentle nature.

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Arthur and Coco