Our GROW programme has finished until September. Now it’s time to reflect on the last 12 months, and the difference Amelia Trust has made to our young people.

The GROW programme is at the heart of everything we do at Amelia Trust and our young people are our priority. Originally established in 1990, and open in 1991, Amelia Trust Farm aims to help those who are disadvantaged and vulnerable to build their confidence, learn new skills, and enhance employment prospects. This remains the core purpose of our charity.

GROW Celebration

The end of the academic year is a fantastic opportunity for us to celebrate the achievements of our young people. We do this through the GROW Celebration. Held on the final week of term, the event is a chance for young people, their parents and carers, our volunteers, and our staff, to get together and remind ourselves of how far our young people have come.

It was a lovely day full of catching up, hearing from the GROW tutors, presenting our young people with their certificates for the year, and awarding the Tony Ford Young Person of the Year Award.

Our GROW celebration outside the Animal Centre

Making a Difference

During our GROW celebration, we caught up with some of those who have been directly impacted by GROW: the parents are guardians of our young people.

“It’s been the best thing that’s happened for her since primary. She didn’t fit in anywhere else, and it’s not just helped her but it’s helped our household. She’s kinder, more understanding, and she can regulate her emotions much better these days. Whatever you’ve done here has changed her for the better 100%. I cannot thank you enough, it’s just fabulous. I shout from the roof tops how much I appreciate this place. She’s already worried about what she’ll do for the next six weeks.”

“From an upset, angry lad to a happy, easy, outgoing young man who listens. To come out on top to be the best kid is hard to explain. He’s a different boy! Couldn’t thank everyone enough. You’re all amazing.”

“Big thank you to all at Amelia Trust working with him. We are super proud of him. Thank you to all the staff for what you’ve done.”

GROW 2021 – 2022

Our team of dedicated GROW staff put all of their energy into ensuring every young person gets as much as they can from being at the Farm. The approach to each young person is unique, and focused on their own needs.

For our staff, there’s nothing more rewarding than seeing the difference between a young person when they start and leave the Farm.

Here’s an end of year update for our 2021 – 2022 cohort, from Mike, our GROW Team Leader:

“Our young people have really done themselves proud, and focused on honing life skills that they can use in the future.

Many of our young people will return in September but several will move on to post-16 education. These young people have put their heart and soul into planning for this transition.
They will be studying in areas such as mechanics, hair and beauty, animal care and a range of vocational programmes that will help them continue on their journey.

Some of our young people have completed Agored units in Work Based Skills and PSE, and they have all worked hard to complete the units to a high standard.

Our Young Person Assistant (YPA) programme has seen one YPA graduate from the GROW programme and go on to start a course in Animal Care. Another young person has successfully completed their taster period and been offered a YPA position for the summer. For the first time ever, a young person in year 9 has been offered the YPA taster period, which will mean they will hit the ground running in September. All of our YPAs work towards completing their personal and work-based goals.

Every year, we award one young person the Tony Ford, Young Person of the Year award.

The award is given to one of our year 11 leavers, and the person who has come the furthest since beginning at the Farm. It’s never an easy task, and as always, there were reasons for all of our leavers to be given the award.

After much deliberation, this year’s award was presented to Rhydian. When Rhydian began at the Farm, he was an uncontrollable ball of energy. Now, he has the same amount of energy, but has learned how to channel his energy into positive outlets. He’s a trusted member of the GROW young people, and his peers often look to him for advice and guidance. He has grown emotionally, academically, and in his ability to be safe, ready and respectful. We are so proud of what you’ve achieved in just two short years.

To present the award, we asked last year’s winner to return to the Farm. It was a lovely moment for everyone.

Mike, GROW Team Lead

Rhydian, winner of the Tony Ford Award said:

“I’ve loved working with the animals, and they’ve helped me so much. I’ve learnt new skills that I wouldn’t have ever learned before and I’m looking forward to working on my CV with Paul.”

Supporting Amelia Trust

It’s thanks to our lovely visitors, donors, and supporters, that we are able to continue the work we do with young people from across South Wales. Your support enables us to run the GROW programme, and give our young people the chance to develop their confidence, and skills, to help them move forward at a crucial time in their lives.

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