Meet Molly, Lilly, Annabelle, and Isla: four inspirational entrepreneurs who have raised £318 for Amelia Trust Farm.

Over the summer, Molly, Lilly, Annabelle and Isla sold homemade treats and gifts to raise money for our Care Farm. We loved hearing all about their creative fundraising and were thrilled that they chose to support us.

Molly, Lilly, Annabelle and Isla fundraising

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Molly, Lilly, Annabelle, and Isla, are just 9 and 10 years old. Over the summer, they set up a stall in their village to raise some money for Amelia Trust Farm.

The four girls chose the Farm because they love donkeys and wanted to help take care of them.

The girls sold a range of delicious homemade treats. They had meringue kisses, cupcakes, fudge, and even homemade dog treats. It wasn’t just edible treats for sale either. There were hand picked lucky 4 leaf clovers, homemade greetings cards, little houses, and their own invention ‘happiness jars’.

Lilly was the mastermind behind ‘happiness jars’, which aim to make people feel happier when they feel sad. She explained that she filled jars with happy sayings, glitter, and lots of colour.

Molly sold her own story book called ‘The Gorey Gang’. Inspired by David Walliams, the book is packed full of hilarious little tales that she wrote herself.

The Gorey Gang
‘Stinky Steve’ a tale from the Gorey Gang

Marketing Experts

Not content just to sell from behind their table , the girls had lots of ideas to encourage more customers. They had photos of donkeys on the stall, walked around to grab attention, and posted about their sale on social media.

We all really enjoyed selling to help raise money!

Molly, Lilly, Annabelle and Isla
Selling their homemade treats

Celebrating Success

Thanks to the generosity of their friends and neighbours, the girls managed to raise £318 for Amelia Trust Farm.

The four entrepreneurs came to visit the Farm to present us with the money. While they were with us, they spent some time with our lovely giant bunnies.

We are so pleased that the girls chose to raise money and awareness for Amelia Trust Farm! It’s brilliant to see the next generation being so keen to support our small charity. The money will go towards helping take care of our animals (including the donkeys of course!), look after our Care Farm, and help us continue our life changing work with disadvantaged and vulnerable young people. Thank you!

Karen Turnbull, Director, Amelia Trust Farm
Feeding the Bunnies

From everyone at Amelia Trust Farm, we’d like to say a huge thank you to Molly, Lilly, Annabelle, and Isla. You are superstars and we really appreciate your hard work!

If these budding entrepreneurs have inspired you to take on the challenge of raising money for Amelia Trust Farm, we’d love to hear from you!

Perhaps you’d like to host a bake sale, Christmas jumper day, or something else entirely. Whatever it is, we’d love your support.

Get in touch with us via our website, or send an email to

Inspirational Entrepreneurs Raise Over £300 for Amelia Trust Farm
Meeting the Bunnies
Feeding Kanga and Roo!